Monday, October 17, 2005

Another brief, mid-pledge drive post

The 19 Minutes staff continues its on-air tote bag appeal here in Public Radioland. We've had some good moments, with volunteers scrambling to pick up ringing phones. And some slower moments, like the hour in which we had only one phone room volunteer, and she managed to draw a masterpiece of doodle art on her nametag.

Meanwhile, though it's not on-air pledge week in the blogosphere, I do have one appeal to readers. It seems I'm tasked to report on the Collingwood Magpies, a professional Australian Rules Football team from (duh) Australia, which is training in Arizona this month. So my charge is to anyone with knowledge of the game to explain it in 100 words or less to those of us who have only seen brief highlights on American television. Thanks.

Meanwhile, we here in the 19 Minutes World Media Headquarters can go back to reporting on more important topics, like why I can be so sleepy that I can doze off while editing my own interview, but it'll take me an hour and a half to fall asleep in bed.

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