Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cosmic Forces of Baseball 1, Yankees 0

Just to update the information from our previous post today: Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek called for a minimum of "straight balls" from super-sized pitcher David Wells and the Red Sox apparently beat the Yankees, 5-3, this evening. Of course, being a dyed-in-the-wool Sox fan, I made sure to watch the highlights later, in case the Cosmic Forces of Baseball (the same cosmic forces that compelled me to make my wife stay in the bathroom for the final 3 innings of a Red Sox game a couple years ago), decided to change the score between the end of the game and the time the highlights came on ESPN.

These are also the same cosmic forces that have us Red Sox fans paranoid that last year's World Series victory may some day be disproved, but also lead us to believe that some day, on some obscure cable network, in some highlight reel late at night, Bill Buckner will field the ground ball once and for all.

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