Thursday, March 17, 2005

Well, what did I expectorate?

So now I have a cold. This one comes courtesy of my nine-month old, who was considerate enough to bring it home as a souvenir of her trip to Minnesota.

Anyway, I'm taking occasional pulls on a bottle of Robitussin, which purports to be a "Cough Suppressant/Expectorant". Now, maybe there's some new meaning for the words "suppressant" and "expectorant", but it does lead me to wonder how Robitussin manages to keep you from coughing, while simultaneously causing you to cough more.

Maybe that's why my cough goes on, unabated. What I could use is an adult version of the Evil Blue Nose Vacuum.


Big Guy said...

Beware that Robitussin.

I have a 22-year-old child - yet it was said that my wife and I would never conceive so we adopted....

Robitussin is said to thin cervical mucous. My wife's GYN told her that after expressing shock and disbelief over the pregnancy.

It was either that, or the water in Disneyland West.

Best to avoid that, too.

Carol Davidson said...

I've totally forgotten what I was about to post here after reading bob's comment about how Robitussin thins the cervical mucous.

Does this mean that if I cough really, REALLY hard, I will cough up the... uh...

This might explain a lot.