Monday, March 07, 2005

Bravo for life's little ironies

I'm currently shut out of my house, as my carpets are being cleaned. Strange, given my posting from last Friday I am looking forward to going home, as "wet carpet" is one of my favorite smells, right after "elderly lobster".


I made the trip down the hill to the Phoenix area yesterday for some baseball Spring Training. The benefit to living in Flagstaff is that when it's spitting snow and 40 degrees on March 6th, you can drive two hours and sit in the 70 degree sunshine and watch baseball. It also means you can avoid dealing with 117 degree sunshine come August. Plus, you can almost get creamed by recreational vehicles on their way to Cliff Castle Casino.

We saw the Milwaukee Brewers play the Kansas City Royals in the Royals' spring ballpark in Surprise, Arizona. There are actually relatively few surprises in Surprise, unless your idea of a Surprise is a strip mall with both a Best Buy and a Barnes & Noble. Actually, the biggest Surprise is in the lack of copy editing in the scorecard program. The City of Surprise operates the ballpark (known, catchily enough, as "Surprise Stadium"), and places a city boosterish blurb in the program. Apparently, in just the stadium's third year, the blurb-writing became a mundane enough task that they just cut and pasted last year's blurb, complete with the city's expectations for 2004. Great stuff.

I went to the game with my boss, proving my efforts to get away from work on my one day away from the pledge drive were less than effective. His priority, other than to spot any player he'd even remotely heard of, was to score some Kansas City-style barbeque at the ballpark.

Given that this was Surprise, Arizona, and that ribs are not an eating option for many of the city's, um, incisorly-impaired residents, we settled for what I've come to regard as the new, perfect foodstuff: Taco in a Bag. I'll grant you, the menu also featured such other Kansas City favorites as deep fried Twinkies and deep fried Oreos, but should your plans call for you to be in the greater Surprise area, the opportunity to eat taco fixings directly out of a bag of Nacho Cheese-flavored Doritos makes the journey more than worth it.

And you can save the deep fried Oreos for the 7th inning stretch.

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Carol Davidson said...

Sadly enough, Taco in a Bag doesn't sound too bad to me. Though I hope you're kidding on deep fried Oreos. But come to think of it, I've had a few of those lonely nights when frying up some cookies wouldn't have sounded so bad, either. Just remember, as long as it's served with sweet tea, it's all good.

Good luck with the pledge drive. Rope 'em and bring those pledges home to the ranch.

Am I rambling? Am I? AM I?