Friday, March 18, 2005

The sane voice of March Madness (another audio alert)

It's back to Surprise, Arizona, this morning for more baseball and -- just maybe -- more Taco in a Bag. I'll be going on a sort of radio blind date, with a listener who successfully bid on a day at the ballpark with me in a public radio online auction. I forget whether we threw a straight-jacket in as part of the deal for spending a whole day with me.

Stay tuned as we report back on any new surprises from the town of Surprise. Maybe a new Best Buy has sprung forth.

In the meantime, March Madness is heating up. The 19 Minutes staff is still puzzling over its Women's NIT bracket for the big office pool (Delaware? Creighton? Western Kentucky?). But regardless, we recently did an interview with sportswriter John Feinstein about his new children's mystery novel, "Last Shot", along with a few other topics, like parents, kids, and sports.

Anyway, we started out by talking about the mystery, which is snooped out by a couple of teenage reporters. If you're so inclined, the audio is here.


Carol Davidson said...

I listened! I liked the part about introducing young ones to live sports. My son's almost four, and I'll probably take him to a minor league game here in town this season. It's good to be reminded about how their view is so very different from our adult view.

You might want to sneeze on your PBS Pledge Buddy so they will then get to extend their pledge dollar experience-of-Mitch by about a week.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you didn't say anything to Feinstein about the Steagles, did you? --Matt