Monday, March 07, 2005

It's late, and I'm tired

It's pledge drive time here in public radio land, and I'm having one of those Pledge Drives of Enhanced Perspective. I have them once every two or three years, and it means I spend most of my spare time thinking about what an odd habit it is to have to take to the airwaves a few times a year and basically ask people to pay your salary. It's the broadcasting equivalent of selling pencils on the street corner, though we generally provide our donors with receipts for tax purposes. We also try to shower before we go asking for money. (It's late, and I'm tasteless.)

The wife and offspring are also away visiting family in the midwest for most of a week, which means not only am I experiencing Enhanced Perspective (which I think is the name of the Yoga DVD I saw them hawking on public television the other day), but I'm experiencing it without being able to bounce it off anyone else. Oh, sure, I *try* talking to my iPod, or the Weather Channel's Dave Schwartz, or even the box of Golden Grahams on the kitchen counter, but the best responses I've gotten involve, respectively, the song "Serves Me Right" by Garrison Starr, the dewpoint in Maine, or 25% of the US recommended daily allowance of Riboflavin.

All this is to say that useless things are rattling around in my head that aren't necessarily conducive to the blog world. (Not that it appears to be stopping me.)
But it's late, and I'm tired. Tune in tomorrow to pledge central, as I ask listeners to cut out the middleman, and just drop by my place and make me dinner.

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