Monday, November 14, 2005

Um, art imitating, um, art?

Lewis Black is a very funny man. Not the kind of comedian you necessarily want to expose your 17-month old to, but a very funny guy. One of this funniest bits was from his 2002 CD, "The End of the Universe", in which he called the Weather Channel to task for not discussing the possibility of global warming. [He also noted the absurdity of the fact that TWC was the most watched cable channel in America, noting: "If you want to know what the weather is you look out a window, and if you want to know the temperature, you drive by a bank."] It was Weather Channel skewering at its finest, and it even came before TWC started showing programs about 1978 snowstorms in the evenings instead of what it should show - the weather forecast.

Then, Lewis Black showed up on the Weather Channel.

I'd accuse him of being a sell-out if his commuter forecast wasn't so damn funny.

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