Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DQ on AT10 PDQ

Those of you looking for a streaming audio diversion in the middle of your work day can check out this correspondent, sitting in the hosting chair at 19 Minutes World Media Headquarters, beginning at 10:00 am CDT.

Of note on today's program is an interview with Catherine Gilbert Murdock, who's written a very funny book for young adults called "Dairy Queen", about a Wisconsin farm girl who deals with the weight of the world and decides she wants to play high school football. (It's a very touching book, too, though you might need to be a parent to fully appreciate it at that level.) It is a really pleasant read, though I'll confess I did feel somewhat sheepish, on the bus, reading a book whose cover featured a cow with a tiara.

Also on today's program, interviews about the future of hybrid technology and fuel efficiency, and the concept of housing trust funds. They're interesting, too, though less cow- or tiara-intensive.

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