Thursday, July 07, 2005

On the bubble

Blogging in 19 Minutesland gets a back seat today, as we prepare to launch a new call-in program on our local airwaves. "928" (the area code for northern Arizona, as it happens) debuts at 6:00 pm Arizona time (9:00 pm Eastern). We'll be talking about the crazy housing market, which has featured a 19.5% jump in home prices in this fair state since last year.

Should you have any interest, it'll be streamed here. Or here for you iTunes users.

Actually, it'll be streamed in those places, even if you're not interested.

1 comment:

Carol Davidson said...

Hey! Is something funky happening with the comments? I posted several the other night and they don't seem to be here. I'm sensitive, ya know.

Hope the show went well.