Thursday, June 23, 2005

The World-Famous Non-Flammable Flammable Drinking Happy Bird

Highlights from the 19 Minutes desk: It's non-flammable, except when it's on fire

Today we introduce a new feature from the 19 Minutes World Media Headquarters, opening a window onto the morass that is Mitch's desk. Leading off this feature is the box from one of those birds that dips its beak into your water glass. Notice the use of the term "your" -- the well-crafted warning on this box has been enough to dissuade the 19 Minutes staff from trying to actually use the Drinking Happy Bird. (Click on the picture for the larger, more legible version.)

Also, the bird's slogan appears to have been borrowed from Boris Yeltsin's last campaign.

Tune in for our next installment, as we check out how many 1/64th full boxes of mints are in the upper right drawer of the 19 Minutes desk.
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