Monday, June 06, 2005

And now, this public apology

The 19 Minutes staff would like to extend a public apology to its collective daughter, Sylvi, whom it accused of employing the Freaking Out method of bedtime last night. As it turns out the Freaking Out method of going to sleep was followed this morning by the Barfing A Lot method of waking up, which subsequently became the Going To The Pediatrician method of spending our midmorning.

It seems Sylvi, all the while she was acquiring new knowledge (identifying dad's nose, finding out she doesn't like diced green beans, etc.), was acquiring a stomach virus, too. We have the source narrowed down to anything she put in her mouth over the last few days, meaning we have it narrowed down only to all objects within a half-mile radius of her bedroom (including, but not limited to sunglasses, the LL Bean catalog, cheese, her shoes, and the empty bottle of teething tablets). Nevertheless, her doctor figures it'll run its course within a few days.

Naturally, I have baby duty tonight. I'm thinking that'll be in the literal sense. Of course, for my skepticism last night, I probably deserve it. Sorry, Sylvi.

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Carol Davidson said...

Poor Sylvi. Hope she feels better soon, and that the baby duty becomes less duti-full.