Friday, April 08, 2005

Yes, that's me - a great example

So apparently the folks at my health club have an e-mail service that's linked to the barcode scanner that signs me in, because I received the following e-mail this morning:

We notice and respect your discipline. Thank you for setting such a great example to others.

It's probably a good thing the barcode isn't also linked to this blog, because the chronicle of my basketball talents might lead the health club folks to reconsider the use of the term "great example".

It does harken back to a line from the musician/comedian/mathematician Tom Lehrer, who reflected on his brief military service by praising the army for "...taking the American ideal to its logical conclusion. Not only do they prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, creed or color, but also on the grounds of ability."


Carol Davidson said...

What's the saying? If you can't be a great example, at least be a horrible warning.

Amber Lynn said...

Just perusing blogs and you are a "neighbor". Hola.

Mitch Teich said...

And hello to you, Sedona blogger.