Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I get press releases, Volume 9

Well, here's a "news" item that, I think, puts Pope John Paul II's 27-year reign in the proper perspective:

25th Anniversary of the Ultimate Sticky Note, The Post-It
After 25 Years, The Post-It Note Finds Itself Stuck In Pop Culture

Summary: It was originally intended as a bookmark, but the Post-It note has evolved from a practical reminder to an icon across the globe. Over 25 years it has even become a fixture in pop culture, with star appearances on movies and shows from "Bruce Almighty" to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Post-It Super Sticky Notes will expand its line to include other colors, styles and shapes to give everyday messages added flair and style.

Indeed, who can forget that star appearance on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", when it won the 'fastest-finger' contest, narrowly edging out the stapler, a binder clip, a 3-hole punch, and two toner cartridges? Too bad it lost on the $100,000 question (Q: The first episode of Sesame Street was sponsored by which letters? A: 'W', 'S', and 'E').

Anyway, this news release, which we're informed is also available in audio form via satellite (once again putting Robert Goddard's pioneering work to good use), goes on to quote Dr. Jack Truong, Vice President of 3M's office supplies division:
"We never cease to be amazed by the creative and unique uses people find for their Post-It notes. As the world's appetite for them has grown, 3M has created Post-It super sticky notes, which allow people to communicate practically anywhere."

Truong doesn't explain how the super sticky notes would help people at, say, baseball games, communicate, but as we can imagine, it would make the job of a 3rd base coach more interesting. For example, he could leave a super sticky Post-It ("Bunt!") on a player's bat. Or he could wave a couple of Post-Its, semaphore-like, to indicate "steal", or "hit-and-run".

The release also doesn't go into any Papal Post-It trivia, but given the significance of this week's 25th anniversary of the Post-It, perhaps the College of Cardinals will finally replace that whole outdated 'puff of white smoke' system to signal the selection of a new Pope with, perhaps, an enormous, super sticky Post-It.


Carol Davidson said...

Maybe it's just me, but "super sticky notes" sounds a little dangerous.

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