Thursday, June 22, 2006

Starting my engines

I'm off on assignment tomorrow at The Milwaukee Mile, a racetrack in scenic and sunny West Allis, Wisconsin. I'm profiling a female race car driver who is trying to break into the big time, such as it is.

I've never actually been to a real-live auto race. The closest I've come was an appearance at the Winneshiek County Fair (which, it strikes me, I may have blogged about in the past). As a local radio "celebrity", it fell to me to serve as master of ceremonies at the Fair Queen Pageant, which took place immediately before the dirt track stock car races.

The scene that played out, then, involved me, dressed in a tuxedo, the five or six Winneshiek County Fair Queen contestants, standing in their evening gowns, and 3000 fans in John Deere and Pioneer Seed caps bellowing at me to shut up and get the damn races started already.

When it ended, the contestants, who were smart enough to have thought ahead, changed into their jeans and went into the grandstand and watched the races. I also spent the rest of the evening watching the races but concentrated more on not spilling mustard on my tux.

I'm planning on wearing jeans to the Milwaukee Mile tomorrow. And ear plugs.

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Anonymous said...

However, you never looked better than in a tux in the Decorah Bridal Show with Heather King and Joan Havel.