Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oh boy, a podcasting update

Hey all you crazy podcasting fanatics (pause as everyone hits the "next blog" button on their browsers):

The two podcasts the 19 Minutes staff is responsible for have been updated with "new" and "exciting" material - 19 Minutes: The Podcast features a September 2004 interview with Finnish ethnomusicologist Tuomas Laurinen about ritualistic songs from extinct northern European cultures, and "KNAU to go" (the Arizona Public Radio podcast) now features last week's hour-long show on Arizona and the response to Hurricane Katrina, featuring an interview with former FEMA National Flood Insurance program director Jo Ann Howard.

We also have a spiffy non-podcast related posting scheduled for later today, so check back in when you get a chance. It'll be "more" interesting, I promise.

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