Monday, September 26, 2005

Entering Liechtenstein: Passports, please - and an audio alert

First, the Bummer Of The Day. Maxwell Smart, nee Don Adams (nee Donald James Yarmy), after surviving countless attempts on his life on "Get Smart" - "Destructo, the toy manufacturers' ultimate weapon", an exploding ping-pong ball, The Craw ("not the Craw -- the CRAW!!"), and even one of the worst movies of all time in "The Nude Bomb", didn't make it through illness in his 82nd year. Would you believe he'll be missed? The rest of us will continue to see that the forces of niceness triumph over the forces of rottenness. There's a nice rememberance on the Get Smart Page.

[Pause for a moment in the Cone of Silence.]


Regular readers of this feature will remember we produced a feature story on the QVC cable shopping channel and its impact on entrepreneurship, after said cable channel produced a live remote broadcast from our neck of the woods.

That feature has apparently survived both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and is now slated to air on NPR tomorrow morning. (That's subject to change, based on whether any other breaking news bumps it from the schedule.) There's a somewhat longer local version available in podcast form here.

Check your local listings for the showtime in your area.

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