Saturday, August 06, 2005

Off-the-gridiron, continued/audio alert

The previously mentioned trip to Arizona Cardinals training camp yielded a four-minute piece on the possibly good team this year for NPR's Only A Game. Tragically, the sounds of 6'4", 306 lb. Russell Davis burping into the microphone, and head coach Dennis Green giving the weather forecast for Prescott, Arizona, were both left on the cutting room floor. But there was plenty that made it on the air, and should you have any interest, you can listen here. The story's about 8 minutes into the show.


Anonymous said...

You know, it's really pretty amazing just how bad the Cardinals have been. The team traces its origins to 1898 and it's won exactly *two* championships (both of which are stll hotly disputed), one in 1925 and another in 1947. I mean, you would think dumb luck would get you more than that. (Of course, as a Phillies fan I have to concede they have one just *one* World Series since moving to Philadelphia from Worcester, Mass. in 1893!) (By the way, if they hadn't changed their name to Phillies, they'd still be known as... the Brown Sox.)

Mitch Teich said...

Of course, the Cardinals are certain to win a Super Bowl title this year, since they've changed their helmet design from a white helmet with a cardinal's head to... a white helmet with a cardinal's head - at a slightly different angle.

Also, they hired Cardinal Ratzinger to be the defensive coordinator. What's up with that?