Monday, August 01, 2005

I get press releases, Vol. 20: Don Rather would be so proud

The news department here in Public Radioland did particularly well this awards season, having swept the regional contest held by the Radio-TV News Directors Association and winning a national award, as well. A publication calling itself the "Radio and Television Business Report" hopes we'll capitalize on our success:

Congratulations on winning the Edgar R. Murrow National Award!

For as little as $150 you can give your staff the recognition, praise, and appreciation they deserve by broadcasting it to the radio or television industry in RBR/TVBR's print publication or morning e-paper.
As the news director here, it would definitely be great to let everyone know we won this award, especially people like Don Rather, Brad Williams, Wolf Blintzes, Bill Woodward and Kevin Bernstein, and even Opera Winfield.

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