Monday, May 02, 2005

A sign of dubious significance

First of all a big welcome to those of you stopping by 19 Minutesland as a result of the reference at the end of my column in Mountain Living. We know you have a lot of places to waste your time and bandwidth, and we thank you for choosing this one.

19 Minutes World Headquarters is located in scenic northern Arizona, which means there's a significant Native American influence on culture here. We hear a lot about the significance of various signs -- snow on the San Francisco Peaks, the appearance of white buffalo, etc.

On my ride back to work from lunch today, I saw a raven carrying a sandwich.

I have no idea what this means, except I'm pretty sure it has to do with Nevermore-brand mayonnaise. (possible TV ad: "Are you hungry? Yes, I'm ravenous for new Nevermore-brand Mayonnaise! It's the feather-light way to brighten any sandwich...")


Albert Lai said...

Ravenous, hm? Well, that pun alone probably retroactively cost you three good deeds and a sandwich in terms of karma.

Nice blog, the writing style is very clean and funny, though that's probably to be expected from a journalist.


And thanks for the BlogWise link. Hits are always appreciated, yessir.

Anonymous said...

If you see a red heifer, make sure you let us know.

Mitch Teich said...

You'll be the first - especially if the red heifer is eating a sandwich.