Thursday, May 19, 2005

Belated audio alert

This late word from the folks at NPR's All Things Considered, who have sent the show's preliminary rundown from today:


(4.) WILDFLOWERS -- Mitch Teich from KNAU in Flagstaff reports that Arizona's spectacular wildflower season has a downside. All of that showy vegetation is now drying out and causing a wildfire hazard. (3:15)

What this means, in normal human scheduling terms, is it leads off the second segment of the show's first hour -- on the east coast, we're talking 4:20/6:20 pm. Those of you in other time zones can do the math.

More details are here.


Anonymous said...

Actually aired in Minnesota at about 5:45 CDT. Nice piece and pictures!

Carol Davidson said...

I cannot BELIEVE I missed this. See what happens when I'm not able to read blogs every day? Arghhhhhh.