Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Audio alert (a.k.a. gratuitous self-promotion, part 4)

Some other story may yet bump it to another day, but the story that had me in the car for hours and hours last week is slated to run on NPR's All Things Considered this afternoon.

It's an interesting sequel -- some five months later -- to the last story I did for NPR, about the heavy rain and snow that were dumping water on the west. That story ended by noting all the rain had led to predictions of a spectacular wildflower season in the desert this spring.

Today's story details what happens When Wildflowers Go Bad. The downside to a huge bloom of wildflowers in the desert is that, well, they're in a desert. The temperature hits 100+ degrees and the flowers stop growing and start -- frying. And all the dried-out, fried-out wildflowers are perfect fuel for wildfires, some of which are already burning in Arizona.

Anyway, the story may or may not air this afternoon. A slightly revised version will definitely air on the northern Arizona airwaves on Thursday, paired with another story about fire danger in the higher elevation forests.

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