Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Admit it. You were wondering why I hadn't posted.

It's been a good six months since the last activity on the 19 Minutes front. I had a variety of stories I'd concocted as to why we've been offline for so long.

But the truth is, I'd been stunned. Stunned... to read the fine print on this flyer, advertising today's now-imminent 31-cent scoop day at Baskin-Robbins, which informs me:

Limit ten scoops per person, per purchase. Really? My wife, daughter, and I are limited to only 30 scoops between us? Unless of course, we come back to the counter and make another purchase.

So we're back at work, here at the 19 Minutes World Media Headquarters. After we take a Lactaid, anyway, and dig into our first ten scoops.

1 comment:

suespez said...

Welcome back!
...and i hope you enjoyed your icecream...