Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let the good tidings begin, whatever they are

The building managers in the mall above 19 Minutes World Media Heaquarters put up the garland and Christmas lights on November 2nd this year.

It snowed, a beautiful, light, fluffy cotton candy snow, across the upper Midwest, Wednesday morning and afternoon.

My wife and I found ourselves at the Mall of America yesterday, Black Friday. We have Chanukah and Christmas presents in place.

Yet, I was having a hard time reconciling all of this with the notion that the holiday season is beginning.

I'm currently at the Caribou Coffee in Eagan, Minnesota. Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" is playing on the sound system here. That is, perhaps, the worst holiday song ever written.

Now it feels like the holiday season.

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Budd said...

On the day you wrote your last entry, I was packing a bag for myself to go into St. Mikes Hospital in Toronto not only to get the hernia fix that I ended up with from the surgery I had done in Oct 2006 but to get a mini tummy tuck as the last incission had split wide open and I had a 3" gap between my left and right side. Basically I had another "butt" on my front side.

Many of your entries I can relate to and many made me nod and laugh as I too have experienced the same feelings and reactions as you.

I have been a lucky sufferer for the past 20+ years and have also been poked and prodded in places I didn't even know were there.

This last hospital visit or vacation as I like to call it. Was a glorious 6 days stay with 3 meals delivered to me in my suite and no need for me to do any house cleaning. Plus I had the BEST drugs, far better than anything anyone could get on the street. So good infact that I have no recolition of those 6 days but apparently I made 3 collect phone calls to my house (according to my phone bill) as well as sent several e-mails to people I don't recall doing but I must have because they replied to them. To this day I vaguley remember my friend comming to pick me up but I managed to go down to the coffee shop to meet her. I also had a friend come in to visit me and she took me for a wheelchair ride still don't know where we went. Maybe it was aliens and not really my friend and they probed me. Since I was so out of it I wouldn't have minded! Just keep the drip going!

The part about this operation that really amazes me is there were NO STITCHES involved! No stitches or staples. Instead my surgeon used Steri Tape to hold me closed. I think I was too affraid to even move thinking I would burst open and everything would fall all over the floor if I so much as tooted.

I'm happy to report I didn't fall out on the floor and my new scar is actually pretty. Just a very thin line, like a pencil mark. THIS I can deal with. Slap some Vitimin E on it everyday and it will fade to nothing by summer and there is a slight chance I'll actually wear that bikini I got 5 years ago.

Well I really just wanted to thank you for your humorous insight to this exclusive club of Crohner's and I'm bookmarking this page so I can keep peeking in on ya to get a dose of laughter. If you can't laugh at this disease....your done!


Janetville, Ont.

P.S. Go Leafs Go!!!!