Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Sylvi Evening Kazoo

So, I've been trying to teach Sylvi to play the kazoo this evening. For those of you who are new to this space, Sylvi is 18 months old. Why, exactly, I would desire a situation in which a small child is charging around the house, playing the kazoo, is a mystery even deep than why the Entenmann's people would name their packages of chocolate chip cookies "Skarf 'Ems" (or how they qualify, as the Entenmann people claim, as "extreme" products).

Fortunately, it figures to be a while before Sylvi gets to that point. That's because most of our conversations this evening went like this:

Me (holding the kazoo): See? It goes like this... "Hummmm". (At this point, I go from humming to holding the kazoo to my lips and playing. I hand her the kazoo.)

Sylvi: Ba! (This is one of her all-purpose words. It could mean "ball", "balloon", or "the sound a sheep makes". In this case, I'm unclear as to what it implies.)

Me: No, see try this... "Hummmm."

Sylvi: Hummmm.

Me: Good! Now put the kazoo in your mouth and go "Hummmm."

Sylvi: Hummmm.

Me: Good! Now with the kazoo!

Sylvi (putting the kazoo in her mouth): Ba!

Me: No, like you were just doing - Hummmm...

Sylvi (taking the kazoo out of her mouth): Hummmm.

And so on. In all fairness, by the end of the evening, she was saying things like "Ha" into the kazoo that sounded a little like kazoo music. Or a little like an 18-month old with a kazoo in her mouth, anyway.

Not bad for a night's work. Worthy, perhaps, of a Skarf 'Em. Of course, Sylvi's already asleep, so I'll have to skarf 'em myself.

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