Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Friendly Gender

QVC, the cable shopping channel, entertains me, if only for the creative new uses of the English language employed by the hosts and guests. Also, it provides a nice, mind-numbing alternative to the endless instant-analysis of the State of the Union address.

A channel surf over to Flagstaff Cablevision Channel 51 this evening yielded a discussion about a set of sheets -- not bad-looking ones, especially when you consider what sometimes passes for fashion on the home shopping channels. But the buzzword the guest who was, I don't know, demonstrating the sheets kept mentioning was that they were "gender-friendly".

Funny, unless we're talking about friction issues, I had always assumed all sheets were basically gender-friendly.

I say we require companies to call a spade "a spade". In this case, the proper terminology would be "Three hundred thread-count sheets that won't emasculate your husband."

In any case, the duvet cover is generally the real cause of marital strife.


Carol Davidson said...

I always thought "gender friendly" meant no prints of pink flowers, teddy bears, fly fishing apparati (apparati?), or Dallas Cowboy football helmets. Or maybe they are just confusing the words "gender" and "sex." At any rate, QVC and Bush were both trying to sell a load of goods tonight.

Mitch Teich said...

Aargh! The selling of goods reference is the second easy, wide-open gag I completely missed in the last week! (The first one goes back to the big box posting, where there was an obvious line comparing the grease from an auto parts store with the left-over grease from the former Denny's building the store now inhabits.) Time to start taking the caffeine intravenously.