Saturday, May 10, 2008

And now, a message from Dairy Queen

While we have a few spare moments (see previous post), a quick word about the miraculous work performed by the simple banana milk shake:

June 9th, 2004:  My wife and I head out to Dairy Queen on Flagstaff's west side, as she is - at 35 weeks pregnant, craving a banana shake.  We come home and her water breaks.  Sylvi is born June 10th.

May 9, 2008:  We've held out on Dairy Queen until Gretchen's 38th week, but finally decide it's worth trying to introduce a control group to the experiment.  This time, it takes about 22 hours for Gretchen's water to break.  The delay, we believe (not really), was linked to Milwaukee's lower elevation (630 feet) than Flagstaff's (7000 feet).

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