Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday afternoon band names

First off, there's relatively new material on our spin-off blog. If you're too lazy on a Friday afternoon to go looking down the right column for the link, here it is.

Monday's show is recorded, and the climate control system here in the basement of the Shops of Grand Avenue is set comfortably on the "lukewarm sauna" setting, so our brains at 19 Minutes World Media Headquarters are coming up with nothing more complicated than hypothetical band names. On today's chart:

  • Bulbous Coffee Can
  • Croutons of Various Sizes
  • Soggy Cake Cone (feat. Dratsuc Nezorf)
  • My Wife's Birthday

Actually, that last one is more the current state of affairs than a good band name. So it goes.


Carol Davidson said...

You're still here! Yay! We're back in business at Falafel Sex after a long sabbatica... hiatu..... lazy ass coma.

Glad to see you are still going strong.

I vote for Bulbous Coffee Can. And happy birthday to your wife.

Carol Davidson said...

Okay, where are you? Doing okay?

By the way, I can't get your Crohn's blog to load. It keeps taking me to the community page.