Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Important news update

Alas, as predicted, 19 Minutes fell short in last week's Milwaukee blog poll, losing out to the perky Marine.

Having lost out on our latest shot at fame (or, perhaps, infamy), we're back to our important mission of keeping you, the 19 Minutes reading public, informed of important world events. So we're pleased to present the following National and International Headlines, which came across the newswire this morning:

  • Bush to Engage Skeptical U.N. on Mideast
  • Israel to Withdraw All Troops By Weekend
  • Muslims Want Further Apology from Pope
  • Feds Seeking Source of E. Coli Outbreak
  • Toshiba to Recall Sony Laptop Batteries
and, of course, the the story that will no doubt lead tomorrow's New York Times:

Whether the rest of the world is happy with Scarlett Johansson's curvy figure, is, I would imagine, even more predictable than whether the perky Marine would win last week's blog contest.


Anonymous said...

I trust that when you say "perky," you mean that in the absolute nicest way possible.

I'm sure you'll have another shot at fame and infamy, no worries.

Mitch Teich said...

Well, if I had been referring to Katie Couric, maybe not. but in your case, I'll make an exception...

And perkiness aside, you have a pretty interesting blog.