Friday, March 10, 2006

A scoop almost on par with mint chocolate chip

The radio show I produce is not really in the business of getting scoops, unless you count the odd trip to the ice cream place two floors above. We're an interview show, sort of a Milwaukee version of NPR's Fresh Air (and yes, I'm aware that sounds vaguely implausible). Our role is generally to put the day's news in context in a thoughtful and expansive way.

That said, we're not above the notion that it's exciting to be ahead of the curve. Our interview with Danielle Trussoni ran this morning, just as the news was going out that her book, "Falling Through the Earth", was destined for the front page of this Sunday's New York Times Book Review.

What the Times review won't say (because, hey, it's not a radio program) is that for someone who lived as tumultuous a childhood as one could imagine, Trussoni is startlingly... normal. Smart. Articulate. Introspective. Candid. And an engaging interview - especially for someone who had never given a radio interview before.

Anyway, the At Ten interview is archived here.

And tomorrow, I'll be back to writing about pizza and comically bad press releases.

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