Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Moving. Moving moving moving.

As you may have guessed from the previous posts (and the lack of subsequent posts) to this feature, the 19 Minutes staff is hip deep in the enjoyment of moving. I believe the most recent entry on the Moving Spreadsheet reads "Box #186 - Coat Closet/Foyer (+ breast pump)". We've gone through roughly eleven rolls of packing tape, 15 file boxes, 30 small and medium-sized new boxes, and 47,000 boxes that used to hold Fruity Pebbles or Mr. Coffee machines and which were gleaned from the discard pile at a local retailer. Watched a lot of women's Olympic curling while packing boxes at 3:15 am.

My hands are torn to the point that blogging any longer tonight would be pointless, unless you'd like to read about hkdwjh viwuyr2875v2p9 hnldshgfkajhgkkvn.

The movers are scheduled to arrive at 9 am. We hit the road Thursday morning. But there's a two-day layover in Boulder, Colorado on the schedule, from which the next dispatch should follow - probably Friday night or Saturday morning.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


Anonymous said...

I hope your move goes smoothly. We'll miss you here!

The Motor Moron said...

have a good move mitch

Anonymous said...

Reading your blogs to find out what is happening... "Piggley Wiggley".. my last encounter with that name was way back when like 1963 when I was raken to a West Point vs Piggley Wiggley hockey game & P.W. beat the crap out of army... how can such a name as Piggley Wiggley have a hockey team that can beat West Point? Thinking of you as your packing & glad you got to say good-by to such a great mail man that gentley taps on front doors.. drive safe!!! joy also a pre HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!